If you’ve been working toward your writing dream for any length of time, you’ve probably discovered the first great truth: it’s not easy. But that’s ok because the second great truth is: it’s a lot of fun. If you’ve had the privilege of getting published, being paid for your work, receiving a good review, or connecting with a fan, then you know how fun and rewarding it can be. If you haven’t, that’s ok too…you’ll get there.

By now, I’m sure you’ve been told how important it is to read and, of course, write. And while I agree with that advice, I’m not going to reiterate it because there is so much other stuff to talk about…like what makes a good first chapter, where do book ideas come from, and how to get “unstuck.” So take a look around, share your writing adventure with me, and stop back often to see what’s new…

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