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I never thought I’d say this, but I can relate to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Last week, at the Coca-Cola 600, Earnhardt Jr. ran out of gas before crossing the finish line. Right now, I’m in the last lap of writing my novel and I too am riding on fumes. I can see the checkered flag waving in the distance, but the finish line seems like it’s a million miles away.

Do you ever find yourself riding on fumes in the final stretch of an endeavor? What helps you make it across the finish line?

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  • karenselliott

    DE, Jr. – that must have been heartbreaking! I normally go for an energetic walk. Or take a break from it – a day reading or lounging around. Then the day after I’m ready to get back on the horse.

    • Ashley Prince

      When I’m just going on fumes, I keep plunking away at whatever I’m doing, even if it’s not my best work. Later, after I’ve got my second wind, I go back and fix whatever needs to be fixed.

      • Erika Liodice

        That’s a great way to handle it, Ashley. It sounds like it keeps you moving forward no matter what.

        Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Erika Liodice

      Mmm, yes. Taking a little time off (a pit stop, if you will) is a great way to “re-fuel” and make it down that final stretch.

      Thanks for sharing, Karen!


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