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Dreaming about your dream and living your dream are obviously two very different things. I don’t know about you, but my dream is always much more serene in my mind and somehow doesn’t include any of the mundane realities that are bound to exist, like mile-long To Do lists and mountains of paperwork that need filing. Sure, I picture looming deadlines and the occasional bout of writer’s block, but in my mind, life is peaceful and stresses are few.

My interviews with authors Allison Winn Scotch and Christina Katz, got me thinking about how I dream. Both women, who have reached great levels of success in their writing careers, emphasized the importance of being realistic about your dreams. They talked about setting clear, achievable goals and being practical about your expectations. It made me wonder, is my picture of a perfectly blissful writing life practical? From what I know about the intensity of the literary world, probably not. In fact, achieving my dream might actually make my To Do list double in length and the mountain of paperwork grow so large it teeters over.

I’ve come to realize that it’s unrealistic for us to think that just because we’re living our dreams those mundane little realities will cease to exist. They will always be there nagging us no matter what we do in life, so we might as well accept them. Better yet, we might as well build them into our dreams right now, so we’re not disappointed when we arrive and the paperwork hasn’t filed itself.

What mundane realities have you been leaving out of your dreams?

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