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I typically avoid reality TV because it’s gotten so over-the-top (think Jon & Kate, Kourtney & Khloe and don’t even get me started on Flavor Flav), but this season there’s one show that has managed to worm its way into my heart: The Biggest Loser. This is the first reality show I’ve ever seen in which the competitors don’t tear each other down week after week. Instead, they share in each others’ joys when the pounds come off and frustrations when they don’t. The comraderie and support on this show is so awesome that it got me thinking about support systems and how critical they are, whether you dream of losing weight or starting your own business. 

When it comes to following your dreams, it’s hard enough to believe in yourself and find the confidence to go after the things you want in life; no one should have to do it alone. That’s the beauty of having a support system. Like the contestants on The Biggest Loser, your supporters will challenge to do your best, cheer for you when succeed and lift you up when you don’t.

Don’t have a support system? Don’t worry, it’s easy to start one. Here’s how you can recruit people to be part of yours:

  • Start with the people you know and trust. Don’t just tell them about your dreams, ask for their advice on how to achieve them and watch as they evolve into your advocates.
  • Connect with people who have dreams similar to yours. You can find them at classes and online on blogs, discussion forums and Twitter. Send them a message and start a conversation.
  • Be an active part of other people’s support systems. Even if their dreams are completely different than yours, your goodwill and positive energy will be reciprocated.
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