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My plan was that I would come back from vacation feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to revise, revise, revise my manuscript. In fact, having had ample time away from it over the past couple months, I’ve been feeling eager to dive back in and tackle some changes that, until now, have felt too monumental to face.

Yes, my plan was to reinstate my early morning writing sessions, to reprioritize all the craziness in my life in order to give my writing dream the attention it needs and deserves…and has been lacking as of late. I was hoping that some time away from home would inspire me and give me new ideas to write. However, it didn’t exactly work out like that, unfortunately.

Soon into the holiday, I noticed the sore throat – which set in on Day 5 of my vacation (apparently you can catch a cold in 95 degree heat) – that turned into a cough, followed by green mucus (tmi, I know), and finally morphed into an upper respiratory infection. There is nothing worse than catching a cold, especially when you’re on, what is supposed to be, a relaxing vacation. One of my friends recently told me that Hand Sanitizer could reduce the risk of catching a cold. I wish I would’ve listened to her now. I could have avoided picking up any of these germs, meaning I wouldn’t have a cold right now.

So now, instead of feeling reinvigorated and ready to go, I feel weak, dizzy, and utterly exhausted. That’s the thing with colds, they can completely lower your mood, ruining your vacation. So now, my plan is to go home, curl up on the couch, and wait for my body to catch up with my ambition. Unfortunately, the cold has taken its toll and my vacation is over.

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  • happyflowerwordzoo002

    So hope you get well soon and manuscript near revises itself.

    • Erika Liodice

      Mmmm…that would be nice!


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