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I don’t know what your family get-togethers are like, but mine are usually filled with stories. More often than not, the tales we hear have been told at least a hundred times before – there’s the one about my dad, who had a pet ant in his bedroom when he was a little boy; there are countless stories about my dad and his brother torturing their sister with dead bugs and short sheeting her bed; and then there’s the one about my grandfather jumping out of a sound sleep to scare off a burglar with his shotgun and winding up trapped in the closet instead.

Saturday night’s get-together was no different. Out came the story about the pet ant, followed by tales of torture inflicted on my poor aunt, and finally, my grandfather getting tangled up in the closet with his shotgun. But then something interesting happened: some new stories surfaced. I got to hear about how my dad funded a backpacking trip through Europe after college and how his early love of travel grew into a career in international business; how my uncle learned to fly a plane before he could legally drive a car, which evolved into a lifelong hobby; and how my aunt’s passion for education made her one of the most sought after corporate trainers in her company.

Hearing these stories reminded me how in tune with our passion we are when we’re younger. Somewhere along the way many of lose touch with that and spend years in the wrong job/company/career trying to figure out what really fuels our fire. If you’re experiencing this, try asking an old friend or family member what they remember about you. It might provide just the insight you need to rediscover your passion.

What passions have you nurtured since childhood?
(Mine: reading and writing)

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  • Ashley Prince

    My passions that I have nurtured are reading and writing, as well as curiosity. I am curious about everything. I make it a habit of buying books, reading articles, or browsing search engines when I have a new interests. It’s wonderful.

    • Erika

      Curiosity is a big one for me too. I love exploring the unknown aspects of the world around me and learning new things. I must visit Google 1,000 times a day!

  • Heather Reid

    Erika, thank you for such a great post. I love family get togethers and the stories that come up everytime we’re in a room. It’s especially important now that my grandparents have passed on. It’s a way to remember them and I hope to pass those storied on to my children someday.

    I had many interests when I was young. From singing, acting, piano, saxaphone, ect. But the three things that have never left me, that I’ve nurtured all the way into my 30’s are writing, reading and my love of nature. 🙂

    • Erika

      I love knowing that other families are doing the same thing…it’s such a great tradition (especially for us storytellers!). I have to add “love of nature” to my list too. It’s such a source of inspiration.

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