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Today, I needed to escape for a little while. Nothing was necessarily wrong, I just needed some fresh air and solitude. So, when lunchtime rolled around, I slipped out of the office, picked up a cup of pumpkin coffee, and went down to the river for my favorite kind of escape: reading.

It’s been a dreary day here, so the riverfront was empty, except for a car or two. The moment I saw the water and heard it rushing over the river rocks, I felt myself relax. I opened my book and just as my mind started to wrap itself around the words on the page, music scattered my concentration in a thousand different directions.

At first I was peeved. I glanced over at a nearby car, certain that’s where the sound was coming from. But the car was empty. Then, a figure in the distance caught my eye. That’s when I noticed a man sitting on the stone wall along the river, strumming a guitar, and singing into the bridge’s cavernous underbelly. My mouth fell open at the beauty of the sound and the realization that I’d somehow become privy to such a rare and special moment. I set my book down and listened for a while, the music reminding me that even on a dreary, mundane Tuesday, profound joy is waiting for us in unexpected places.

After about twenty minutes, the man put his guitar in the trunk of his car and, I imagine, drove back to his job.

And I closed my book and headed back to mine.

What’s your escape?

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  • Ashley Prince

    Wow. I don’t know why, but this brought tears to my eyes. I would imagine it’s because I know how amazing it feels to escape. But it’s been a long time since I’ve felt it.

    I don’t know what my escape is anymore. Reading doesn’t cut it because I’m usually at work in the break room or on the couch next to my husband. I don’t get to really have alone time. I have it when my husband is at work and I don’t have school, but it’s not elected alone time…it’s because I have no choice. It’s not the same.

    Damn, this was a short and powerful post. I love it.

    • Erika

      Thanks, Ashley. I’m glad my sweet escape resonated with you. I hope you’re able to get back in touch with your escape soon 🙂


  • Brianna

    That sounds lovely. My escape is taking my laptop to Starbucks, getting a latte and just people watching for a while. It’s amazing the things you see and hear, depending on your location.

    • Erika

      There is something special about Starbucks…the smell of coffee, the ambient music. And people watching is ALWAYS a good time 😉


  • Suzanne

    Believe it or not, I will curl up on the couch and write a few pages in my journal. That helps me to de-stress better than anything.

    Walking with Henry, my Newfoundland, on our local off leash trails is also another great way for me to clear my head. I always feel better after a walk through the woods along those trails.

    • Erika

      I’m with you on the walk outdoors. There’s nothing better for clearing your head and re-energizing. What a great escape!


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