In All Things Erika, EMPTY ARMS: a novel

By 1969, Susan was skillfully using pen and ink with pastel wash as she continued to process her post-adoption secret. A series of soul-searching introspective sketches captured a more passive side to the conflicted emotions she was managing daily. Thoughts of her daughter and the relinquishment experience of 1966 were expressed honestly in gentle art form. Self-portraits were splashed with minimal color and depicted her ongoing private adoption history. “Mood Lavender Blue” affirms Susan’s use of art as therapy.

Mood Lavender Blue

Of faintest hue
In brushed lavender blue
Tangled emotions
Bewildering pain
If I could be granted only “one chance” again
Days run to eves
On night’s air my heart grieves
No anger
Some fear
Where are you my dear
Can you feel my soul aching
In search of true reason
No simple answer
Nor even mere clue
My thoughts drift to you
In mood lavender blue

I’d like to thank Susan VanSleet for joining us this week to share how her daughter’s adoption impacted her life.

If your life has been touched by adoption, I’d love to hear from you! Please send me an e-mail.

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