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Last night we met a woman who’s 105 years old. At first we thought she said eightyfive because she seemed far too full of pep to be a centenarian. “In July, I’ll be 106,” she assured us.

During our visit, she told us all kinds of stories – from her mom crashing the family’s Model T into a tree to travels that took her around the world – and her lively blue eyes were a testament to the full life she lived.

As I listened to her talk, I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed to be wearing every piece of jewelry she owned. Even though she was dressed in her nightgown, she had a lovely string of pearls draped around her neck, a diamond brooch fastened above her heart and a wristful of colorful bracelets. Everything about her was so full of life, that I couldn’t resist asking for one piece of advice that her 105 years had taught her.

“Just do everything you want to do,” she said in a voice that warned us not to make excuses or wait too long. 

In the four weeks we’ve been volunteering at the nursing home, I keep hearing the same sentiment. No one ever tells us to play it safe or follow the money; they tell us to follow our hearts.

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  • karenselliott

    This is a wonderful blog post. I was fortunate enough to be brought up by two strong women. And they encouraged me to do frightening things because they didn’t want me to have regrets. My Mom said to be happy and do what feels right. When my Aunt Agnes was getting very old (lived into her 90s), and she knew she didn’t have much time left she told me shoot for the moon! And I’m doing it, baby!

    • Erika Liodice

      Good for you, Karen! It’s amazing how much influence our family and friends can have in propelling us forward (or holding us back). You’re very lucky to have had such amazing role models.

      Keep chasing those dreams!

  • Ashley Prince

    What an inspiring post! “Just do everything you want to do.” Short, sweet, and simple. She sounds like quite the lady.

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