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As a novelist, people ask me all sorts of cool questions, but today Larramie of The Divining Wand is asking one I haven’t gotten before: Why do you write?

Today, I’m over at her blog answering that very question.

Larramie is also giving away a free copy of my novel, Empty Arms, to one lucky commenter — so be sure to stop by and check it out!

Fellow writers: Why do you write?

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  • Ashley Prince

    I write because if I don’t, I feel like I will go crazy. And by writing, I mean anything from a blog post, to a journal entry, to a Facebook note, to a chapter or two on my WIPs. I even like writing lists for goodness sake. I have to keep writing. If I don’t, I don’t think I’d be happy.

    • Erika

      “I even like writing lists for goodness sake.” — I totally get that, Ashley. There’s something magical and cathartic about putting pen to paper, even if it is only to remind yourself to pick up toilet paper!

  • Jim

    I write because I don’t feel like I have a choice. Writing helps me, as well as helps others. Writing is the most difficult and easy thing for me to do.

    • Erika

      Indeed, Jim. Sometimes it truly does feel like writing picked me and not the way around. It’s amazing how much stress and anxiety I can let go when I sit down in front of my computer and begin typing. It’s the best therapy I’ve ever known!

      • Jim

        Absolutely. That make’s total sense to me! I’m amazed that I kind of ignored it and kind of set my writing aside as nothing for as long as I did. Only now I truly realize how miserable I was when not creating!

        • Erika

          I hear you…one of my biggest regrets is abandoning my creative soul while pursuing corporate success. No wonder I was so unhappy and unfulfilled!

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