In Overcome Obstacles

That crazy lady wearing bright yellow dishwashing gloves while blow drying her hair this morning?

That was me.

And no, I wasn’t drunk.

It all started because I dropped my hairdryer on the bathroom floor (anyone with layers can feel my pain). While I was thankful I didn’t crack a tile, I was ticked when I discovered that I had apparently cracked some sort of miracle bracket that holds all of the innards together.

When I showed Dave the wires sticking out of the handle, God bless him, he had the good sense to unplug the thing. And when I frowned and gave him my puppy dog eyes, he abandoned his own morning grooming and began fiddling around with screwdrivers, pliers, and finally, some good old-fashioned squeezing and thumping.

“Don’t worry,” I told him, when he passed it back to me with the gizzards hanging out. “I’ll just duct tape it back together.”

“You can’t just duct tape it back together. First of all, that’s ghetto and secondly, you’ll electrocute yourself.”

I didn’t dwell on the fact that being ghetto apparently beats out electrocution on his list of priorities. Instead I asked if wearing rubber gloves would be acceptable. (Because that’s not ghetto).

He thought about it for a moment. “Yeah, that should be alright.”

So, I grabbed my bright yellow dishwashing gloves from the kitchen, snapped them on and continued drying my hair, ignoring the smell of melting crayons.

It wasn’t until hours later that I realized my dishwashing gloves are latex and, while I’m reasonably sure that’s in the rubber family, I don’t know if it’s more like an electric-shock-preventing sister or a whoreish cousin who likes a good jolt every now and then.

And don’t bother Googling it, unless you want to discover how many people are as scientifically inept as I am.

Don’t believe me? Click here and note that when asked, “Does latex conduct electricity?” the answer that 3 people (!) voted for was : No it dont.

(Wait, am I the only one who takes off points for bad grammar and missing punctuation?)

So I turn the question to you guys, because I know for a fact that you’re smarter than 2bit over on Yahoo! Answers (and I’m sure your grammar is better too). So, for all of you who did pay attention in science class, tell me, will my latex gloves protect me from electric currents until I buy a new hairdryer?

As for the new hairdryer, I’m going to try and find a balance between getting a good one but also not spending over the odds. As I proved this morning, I’m rather clumsy and the last thing I’d want to do is to spend a lot of money on a new hairdryer and then drop it again and break it. I think I might head over to Rank and Style ( to see which is the best hairdryer for the best price. There’s every chance it will take me a while to choose one though, so please help to answer my question.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Don’t Google “latex” and “shock” either (unless you want to see some truly whoreish cousins!).

P.P.S. You Googled it, didn’t you?

P.P.P.S. I’ve filed this post under Life’s Little Shockers (hehe).

Photo courtesy of Rubberglovelover.

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  • Linda

    Funny post! I thought all men believed in fixing things with duct tape. I vote for that, rather than the latex gloves!

  • Suzanne

    Go directly to Walgreens, pay $10 for a new blowdryer, and leave the experiments in latex conductivity to scientists. You need to avoid electrocution so you can finish that novel and we can read it!

  • Diggs

    So funny! Some of the simplest things in life can be the most interesting and the most comical…
    Anyway, from the electrical engineer in the family…latex is non conductive BUT, those gloves are not thick enough to protect against 120 volts!
    Tell Dave that I suspected he didn’t pay attention to his EE class…and this proves it…duct tape!?

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