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In my little corner of the world the weekend forecast is calling for sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s. That’s perfect weather for hiking, biking and checking out the grape harvests at the local wineries. And as such, I’m taking a break from EVERYTHING – housework, errands, chores, and, yes, even writing. Instead, I plan to 1) recover from the annoying head cold I’ve been battling all week, 2) recharge and 3) draw inspiration from the things that I love. This may sound like procrastination to the untrained ear but I assure you, it’s a sacred ritual that in many ways is as important as sitting in front of my computer and working on book #2 all weekend long.

Okay, okay, maybe that’s going a little too far. But I do firmly believe that preventing burn-out and replenishing your well of inspiration are critical for any dream chaser. And I’m going to keep telling myself this until the first winter frost! So if your weather forecast is anything like mine, I highly recommend you power down your computer, cell phone and any other electronic device you’re hooked up to and GET OUTSIDE.

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  • Chantal

    Couldn’t agree more. All work and no play means the work eventually suffers.

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