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The past seven days have taken me all over the place: on a road trip across Pennsylvania to eastern Ohio, fall foliage hunting in New England, and today I’m fresh off a flight from Dallas, TX (on which I sat behind an authentic cowgirl!).

Now, as most of you know, I LOVE to travel. But that’s A LOT of ground to cover in a week…even for me. And while I cherish the opportunity to visit different places (and get out of the office for a while), I’ve noticed that there are some downsides to traveling at such a break-neck pace: 1) all of my healthy eating habits fall by the wayside (dessert, anyone?), 2) my dedication to the gym disintegrates (or in the case of this morning, my best laid plans are thwarted by a “fitness center” smaller than my closet and a line for the whopping 3 pieces of cardio equipment therein), and 3) my blog goes without fresh material for days at a time (hence tonight’s midnight post, brought to you courtesy of stress-induced insomnia).

Although road trips can lead to bad behavior on my behalf, they are definitely well worth it. I am already planning my next adventure. I just wish we had a bigger car! I found some great larger vehicles online while browsing the website of a used car dealership in Kansas City so I think I am going to have to do some more research to work out what the best vehicle for me would be. Stay tuned for more updates guys! I have had such an amazing time so far and I’m truly loving every minute! I’m already planning my next trip and I can’t wait to tell you all where I’m going. Since we struggled with space on this trip, I’ve now decided to consider renting an RV instead. It was fun going on a road trip in the car but space has been a really big issue so I’m definitely going to be looking at RV Rental next time! If we can ever decide where to go!

That being said, I have always wanted to visit Iceland so our next road trip might actually involve heading overseas first! Some friends of ours recently went on a road trip around Iceland and got to see the amazing Svartifoss waterfall up close. They hired a rental car from Cars Iceland and were able to explore at their own pace. They had an awesome time, so an Icelandic road trip could definitely be on the cards for us in the future.

Are you heading out on any road trips anytime soon? Be careful to drive safely so that you can avoid getting a traffic ticket. A friend of mine from California recently received a traffic ticket on a road trip however she told me that she managed to avoid paying a fine by attending a ca traffic school course. Traffic school courses can vary, but generally, they are around six to eight hours long and consist of lessons about traffic safety. You can learn about traffic school on the Improv website.

Anyway, since I’m breaking all my other rules I figured I might as well break my cardinal blogging rule too: don’t post if you don’t have anything worthwhile to say.

So, yep, I’m here right now just to say hi (Hi!) and let you know that I’m still alive (albeit a little pudgier in the mid-section).

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