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One of my favorite parts about traveling is discovering all the interesting people in the world. I always seem to come across folks on the most interesting journeys. My recent trip to Greece was no exception; most of the folks I met seemed to be living, breathing personifications of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, The Power of Now and The Purpose Driven Life. I’m not sure if it’s a European thing or an island thing or a my-life-is-a-vacation thing, but I need to get me some of that.

Here’s a recap of some of the people we met:

David – his family owns one of the best tavernas (in my opinion) in Crete, overlooking the turquoise magnificence of Voulisma Beach. He works at the restaurant for six months out of the year and farms the best olive oil in the world (not my opinion – though I agree with it – this actually fact) for the other six.

Marc – an ultra tan vagabond who funds his on-going journey around the world by selling his stunning en plein air water color paintings to tourists. Next stop for Marc? Wherever he feels like going.

Cleopatra – a curly haired Brit who is living in Santorini for the summer and working as a tour guide on a deluxe catamaran. (Did I mention that she is “learning” how to cook and some of the beginner dishes she prepared for us were better than anything I’ve ever cooked in my entire life?) After high season, she’ll move to Athens for the winter. When I asked what she’ll do for work when she gets there, she scrunched her eyebrows and looked at me like I was crazy for pondering something so far in the future.

The nice couple who owns the artsy little jewelry store in Oia – they run their jewelry store for six months out of the year and then spend the other six months traveling the world.

The two guys in front of me in Santorini’s airport security line – they’re on a voyage around the world photographing old pages from the New Testament. Next stop: Romania.

Talking to each of these people inspired such a sense of awe…and a twinge of jealousy; they all exuded a sense of fulfillment, adventure, and calmness. I wish I could be that present and seemingly unworried about the future; I get jumpy just thinking about how I’m going to make it from work to spin class in time to snag one of the coveted stationary bikes. Ask me what I’ll be doing this winter and you’ll get no scrunched eyebrows here; I’ll probably the exact same thing I’m doing right now.

What types of interesting people have you met during your travels?

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  • peter guthrie

    hello iv jist been messin aboot with fb how are youim drinkin some very mice vino av traveled europe italy france brss gerr swisss its good to meet people so ano wit ye ur saying aney cheers ps am apeople person a like to have a talk wi folk fi aroon the vorld so bonanotti

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