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With the blink of an eye another year has passed and already a new one is upon us. The quick passage of time and the prospect of a clean slate tomorrow makes it the perfect time to revisit this year’s goals and create new ones for next year.

I have to admit, a considerable amount of time has passed since I’ve looked at my list of goals. At first, I was disheartened that I didn’t achieve everything on my list, only about half. But after reviewing my list more carefully I realized how lofty some of my goals were. So rather than feeling diappointed by goals that remain unaccomplished for now, I choose to feel proud of the things I did accomplish, like completing my first fiction writing workshop and getting great feedback from the instructor and fellow writers; finishing the first draft of my second novel, getting it professionally edited and now working through the (painful) revision process; and most of all, sharing my journey with all of you and watching as my message to follow your dreams and live an inspired life reaches more and more people every day.

Here is a recap of my 10 Goals for 2010 (with my comments in purple):

10 Goals for 2010

  1. Complete the fiction writing workshop I’m taking. (Completed on January 12th; got a lot of positive feedback from the Instructor and fellow writers. One person even said that my first draft read like a published book!)
  2. Finish my yet-to-be-titled manuscript.  (Finished the first draft on January 24th.)
  3. Hire an awesome editor to polish my manuscript. (Hired an editor on March 1st. My manuscript was reviewed in mid-April and my revision process started in late-May…and is still on-going, slowly but surely.)
  4. Get an agent to represent me. (Since I still need to complete my revisions, I’ll have to move this one to 2011.)
  5. Sell the manuscript to a publisher. (Again, need a complete manuscript for this to happen. Fingers crossed for 2011).
  6. Share the entire process (of goals #2-5) with all of you. (On-going.)
  7. Write and distribute my first e-book. (Started working on this in November.)
  8. Create and distribute my first YouTube video. (Not going to lie…haven’t done a lick of work on this one).
  9. Surpass 10,000 hits on Beyond the Gray by June. (We achieved this on March 23rd! And we’re at almost triple that number now!)
  10. Create a Beyond the Gray motivational workshop. (I sheepishly admit that I haven’t worked on this one either).

I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to in 2010 and that’s ok. That’s life. In all, it’s been a great year and I look forward to continuing the journey in 2011.

Stop by tomorrow to see my new goals and resolutions for 2011…

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