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Did you know that March is National “Talk with Your Teen About Sex” Month? Yes, it’s an uncomfortable topic, but lack of information can lead to accidental pregnancies and heart-breaking decisions, like those my main character, Catharine, from my novel, Empty Arms, has to face. It’s also a topic matter that could be spanned over to young adults on porn sites such as this content, although they are generally more protected and educated.

Most of us begin our sexual explorations and activity during our teenage years. It happens in stages. The first stage is engaging in what is called autoerotic behaviour. Simply put, this is sexual behavior that is experienced alone. This may mean having erotic fantasies or nocturnal orgasms and will almost definitely mean masturbation. For males, this is usually done with no aids. Females, on the other hand, often use sex toys like vibrators. Interestingly, vibrators used to be used to improve the way of life for women who had hysteria. Now they improve the sex life of most women! As teens reach high school age, they typically begin progressing to sexual activity involving another person. Despite the fact that slightly fewer adolescents are having sex today when we compare them with teens in previous decades, we must all face the fact that sex during high school is now a part of the normative experience for most teens. This is why it is so important to talk to our teens about it.

In an effort to encourage parents to have these important conversations with their teens, I’m raffling off a copy of Empty Arms over on GoodReads.

Enter here by March 31st for a chance to win!

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