In EMPTY ARMS: a novel

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and one of two things is probably happening right now: either you’ve already purchased your gift, wrapped it, and are ready to surprise your mom/wife/sister/daughter on her special day OR you’re like me – you haven’t bought anything and are just realizing that online shipping deadlines have dwindled down to the wire.

If you’re in my boat, don’t worry, I have the perfect gift suggestion: a copy of my novel, Empty Arms!

Here’s why Empty Arms would make a great Mother’s Day gift:

  • It’s a story about motherhood in its various forms.
  • Unlike flowers, the price of my book won’t be jacked up this weekend.
  • And thanks to Amazon’s expedited shipping services, you still have time to order a copy.

Now that we’ve got your gift figured out, I’ve just got to figure out mine.

Any suggestions?


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