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Yesterday, Alan Paul, author of the newly released memoir, Big in China, was kind enough to stop by and talk about moving his family to China, starting a blues band and becoming a star in Beijing.

Today, Alan has generously offered to give away a FREE COPY of his book to one lucky reader!!

Enter to Win:
To enter, leave a comment below telling me what your dream job is (no need to go into detail, a simple answer of “rockstar” will suffice).

One entry per person. 

I’ll be accepting entries until 11:59PM EST on Sunday, March 6th. 

The winner will be selected by a random number generator.



Watch the Big in China book trailer:

“What a romp.”
-Gregg Allman



Good luck!

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  • S.B.

    My dream is to travel the world and invest in real estate!

  • hotpottimemachine

    To become a professional writer.

  • Other Lisa

    Author! (which is sorta what I’m doing now)

    Alan, I need to read your book anyway — my first stint in Beijing was in 1979 and I travel there regularly now (oh, and I used to play in a band. And made tapes of all kinds of bands like Talking Heads and Bowie for interested Beijingers back in 79).

    So this is my kind of book, for sure!

  • AlanPaul

    Thanks guys. Lisa, I loved your book! I thought you captured contemporary Beijing beautifully and perfectly. the pacing was great, the characters vivid., the confusion perfect.

    Please drop me a line. I would to chat with you. We sure a lot of the same views about things and after reading your book I am pretty confident you will like mine. Nice to be in touch.

    And thanks Erika.

    • Other Lisa

      Thanks so much for that, Alan! You can reach me at lisa at lisabrackmann dot com, and in the meantime I will look for your addy! Wold love to chat!

  • Liz

    Magazine publisher.

    Alan, I’m sorry I missed the book launch at Tribeca B&N, but only because my Mandarin class was that evening! 🙂 Look forward to reading your book soon. Also I would love to interview you on my proprietary blog, Please let me know if you are available for a chat.

    Best, Liz. (@GlobalAsianista)

    • AlanPaul

      Hey, this is becoming quite a gathering spot.

      Of course I will Liz. I can send a Tweet and we can work something out.

  • Kim

    Organic Farmer/Photographer

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