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It’s been said that the most important thing about goals is having one.
Well, today’s guest, Amy Croson, doesn’t have just one goal, she’s got hundreds – from “drink more water” and “keep a journal” to “fly in a helicopter”, “donate over $1,000,000” and “be someone’s hero”. One of Amy’s biggest goals is to become a professional singer, a dream she followed to American Idol, Nashville and beyond. Today, I’m excited to talk with Amy about her enormous list of goals, her singing dreams and her infectious enthusiasm for life…

Beyond the Gray: Welcome, Amy. Tell us a little about yourself and your dream.

Amy Croson: I live in North Idaho and I absolutely love to sing. My big dream is to one day own my own recording studio and have a professional singing career. Although I’ve always loved to sing, I realized I wanted to do it professionally back in an 8th grade talent show when I sang “Cry” by Mandy Moore. Since then, I enrolled myself in choir, several competitions and even moved to Nashville, TN for a while.


BTG: Tell us about a time you found yourself in the gray. 

AC: Around this time last year, I woke up and realized that I was not the person I wanted to be. The people I’d chosen to share my life with were people who needed to lean on me constantly, I had not completed my goals in months and I was just simply lost. While helping them, I’d lost sight of who I was and what I was working towards. In order to help the people I care about, I also need to help myself.

This was a very difficult time for me because in one month I separated myself from three of my closest friends. I knew what I needed to do and it made me feel selfish. I began last March practically alone. But in the end, it was all worth it. For four months I focused on my goals and what I want in life, so that I could find me again.



Goal: Meet a celebrity. (Amy with Justin Guarini).

BTG: In addition to singing, you have a long list of goals you want to accomplish. Tell us about that.

AC: When I graduated from high school, I spent nearly a year with my father in Seattle, Washington. At times I was frustrated with where I was and one day I wrote a list of all of the things I want to do with my life. It was my “Dream Book,” and, at the time, I had no idea what it would turn into. Now, with my website,, I can share my goals with the world.

The reason I keep my Goal List is to constantly remind myself what I’m striving for. Believe it or not, studies have shown that writing down your goals helps you to accomplish them. Not only that, but this list has inspired those around me, and even if they don’t keep their own list, it reminds them of their goals and dreams.

BTG: When you cross off one goal, do you add another?

AC: Sometimes I cross off the goals and add more, but a lot of the time I add when I think of one and remove one when I accomplish it. The best part of it all is that, although this list is in writing, it’s mine. It’s me. I can add goals, accomplish goals, remove goals and change my mind all I want.

BTG: Last year you followed your dreams to Nashville but ended up moving back home to Idaho. Tell us about the highlights and low points of that experience.

AC: Back in October 2010 I moved to Nashville, TN. This was something I’d been planning for over a year and something that I felt really defined me. It was an experience that I will always be proud of and one that I will never regret. If I had not gone, I would have always wondered and I never would have met the remarkable people who have truly changed who I am.

With that being said, I must also say that, not only were my subconscious thoughts about the music industry rather wrong, but a lot had changed prior to my move. Deep down, we all have these rather irrational thoughts about the way things should be and when I got to Nashville, I realized it really wasn’t what I had expected. I realized there were other things I wanted more. Also, prior to moving, I’d fallen in love with an amazing man who was unable to come with me. I’d also lost a cousin of mine who reminded me just how short life is.

BTG: You auditioned for American Idol twice. What was that like?

AC: Ah yes, American Idol. My first encounter was back in 2006 in Seattle, where I waited in line with my dad for a long, long time. I was 17 years old and so unbelievably nervous…and sick of the rain.

My second audition was in 2008 in Salt Lake City, where I camped out with my mom and had a horrible tooth ache the whole time. (Note to others: DON’T stay in a tent in Salt Lake City in the summertime. It’s HOT!) 

The American Idol audition process is a little different than you might expect. Here’s the process I went through:


American Idol Auditions

Step 1: Wait in line to register and get a bracelet. (This gets you a seat in the arena and a spot in their lineup.)

Step 2: Return the next day and wait in line again to be seated for the actual audition.

Step 3: Allow the producers to film the location “Intro” for the show. (This is clip that shows the crowd outside cheering for the auditions.)

Step 4: Wait for Ryan Seacrest. (I’m sorry, Ryan, but both times you were REALLY late for the auditions.)

Step 5: Audition in front of two random producers. (They set up about 12 tables in an arena, line everyone up in groups of four and give you each 10 seconds to sing.)

Step 6: The producers tell you yes or no. (If you get through, you audition for at least two other producers before you get to THE JUDGES.)

Step 7: Audition for the judges. (Unfortunately, I’ve never been past the first round, which is tough to admit.)

BTG: Who is your idol?

AC: Kelly Clarkson, ironically. Not only is she an incredible REAL person, but she’s living my dream of singing professionally through each genre. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m sure she’ll be putting out a country album one day.

I also love Martina McBride. Supposedly, she comes to my home town every now and then to go boating on the lake.

BTG: On your blog, you’re inspiring other people to follow their dreams. Why is that important to you? What message do you want to send to those people?

AC: It’s SO important to me to inspire others, because anything really is possible. When I say that, I think of the Wright brothers, who built the first airplane. Do you think anyone believed they could fly? I doubt it.

It’s also important for me to share my goals because I know it inspires others. I want people to know that anything is possible and that, if they set their minds to it, they can accomplish it. I also want them to know that life is all about trial and error. You will fall but the whole point of life is to get back up, try again and learn from your mistakes.

BTG: If you could give one piece of advice to someone else who is struggling to move beyond the gray and follow a dream, what would it be?

AC: I would ask, what makes you happy? Even if it’s something small – drawing, flying, dancing -whatever it may be, you should face your fears and follow that dream. If you don’t take a risk, you will always wonder why you didn’t try.

To read more about Amy’s goal and adventures – or to share your story with her – visit her website:

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