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Ever wonder what it would be like to quit your job and follow your dreams? Some might call the notion crazy. Others are calling it the best decision of their lives.

The inspiring photo essay, Ditching the Cubicle to Follow Your Dreams, by Candace Walsh, shares the stories of people 8 people who did exactly that.

Check it out:

Any cubicle ditchers out there? If so, what dream are you chasing?

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  • Melissa Marsh

    Oh boy. This looks like exactly what I need this morning. I really want to escape my cubicle!!!

    • Erika Liodice

      I agree, Melissa. Isn’t this perfect Monday morning reading?

      Glad you enjoyed it!


  • tomatotomahhhto

    I just recently committed myself to a year long project of doing just this — ditching the cubicle and following my dream of being a writer full time. I blog about my experiences at Thank you for sharing this, it has been most inspirational this morning 🙂


    • Erika Liodice

      Hi Krista,
      Thanks for stopping by and congrats on taking the leap! Sounds like you’re one BIG step closer to living the life of your dreams.


  • Barro

    Here’s a little music video I’ve just put together that talks (or rather sings) about choices we make when it comes to pursuing our dreams, and the price we sometimes pay for that.

    It even includes some office life.. 🙂

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