In Follow Your Dreams, Overcome Obstacles

Hardwork and time.

It’s easy to forget that those two ingredients are key to achieving your dream. So often it seems that people arrive at their dreams overnight or with little effort. But that’s rarely true. Most people who are living their dreams faced years of hardwork, self-doubt, frustration and rejection before hitting their stride.

Curt Rosengren’s recent article “The No. 1 Quality for Career Success” is a great reminder of how important it is to take action – whether big or small – towards your dream. Every. Single. Day.

“The reality is, unless you’re really lucky, there is no push-button route to a career you love. There are definitely things you can do to ease the way and increase the potential for success (positive thinking and working with intentions among them), but there’s no substitute for good old-fashioned hard, focused, persistent work.”

He suggests asking yourself these questions on a regular basis:

  • What am I doing to create the life I want?
  • How hard am I working at it?
  • Could I be working harder?
  • What would that look like?
  • What steps specifically do I need to take?”

Tell me, how are you working to create the life you want?

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  • jeff noel

    Erika, I visit your blog from time to time, and have fond memories of when you asked me to be a Guest Blogger.

    Still chasing crazy, impossible dreams, and it’s paying off.

    So this post about hard work really was timely.

    All the best to you.

    jeff “The Blog Whispere” noel. 🙂

    • Erika Liodice

      Hi Jeff,
      Glad to hear things are going well and that you’re seeing some results for all of your hardwork! Keep it up!


  • jeff noel

    Typo. Should have been Whisperer. *sigh & a smile*

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