In Erika's Dreams

I’m back!

I realize you probably didn’t know I was gone. But I was. For the past 5 days.

So where have I been and what was I doing?

Glad you asked. I was in Savannah, GA celebrating my 30th birthday and, as it turns out, achieving 30% of my goals for the new year.

That’s right, I traveled to a new place (Savannah), experienced new things (fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, and southern hospitality — to the extent of a woman stopping her car in the middle of the street so as not to ruin the picture I was taking) and made new friends (although certain celebratory birthday cake shots have erased any memory of their names).

Hearing that I can already check off three of my ten goals for 2011 may lead some to wonder if I sandbagged this year’s list in order to give the appearance of being super talented, super-efficient or simply super woman. But I assure you, dear friends, these goals were things that I truly wanted to do – and continue to do – this year.

I hope Savannah, fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, southern hospitality and my new best friends are just the beginning of a prosperous, well-lived year.

Photo by: Taste of Home

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