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Sending positive thoughts to all my writer friends out there who are participating in NaNoWriMo this year!

I haven’t done this challenge before, so I’m really not sure what to expect. The good news is, yesterday was a success from a word count perspective (1,802!), but I woke up in the middle of the night with the urge to delete everything I wrote. I know that we’re all supposed to tell our internal editors to take a hike this month, but it’s hard!

Anyone else battling their internal editor?

Erika Liodice is an indie author and founder of Dreamspire Press, where she is dedicated to following her writing dream and inspiring other writers to follow theirs. She is the author of EMPTY ARMS: A NOVEL and the forthcoming children’s series HIGH FLYERS. She is a regular contributor to the popular fiction writing website, Writer Unboxed, where pens The Indie Way column about independent publishing. Erika also contributed to AUTHOR IN PROGRESS, the Writer Unboxed team's first anthology, which was published by Writer's Digest books in 2016. A graduate of Lehigh University, Erika has studied fiction writing at Gotham Writers’ Workshop and Highlights Foundation, and she's taken classes with Donald Maass and Lisa Cron. Erika lives in Lehigh Valley, PA with her husband, Dave.
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    God yes. But! My husband gave me the ‘No Plot No Problem’ kit (“”) for my birthday last year so I’ve got some good encouragement in my corner. I especially liked today’s, so I’ll share for anyone having trouble letting go of that editor:

    “What you started producing yesterday is noveling clay – valuable, essential, and invariably lumpy. Its beauty will grow as you work it.”

    So, onwards and upwards I guess.

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