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Today is the first day of winter. And as I do every year, I wonder, quite seriously, how I’ll survive it.

I’ve already nursed cracked knuckles and lips, staved off several office colds, fought against the onset of the “winter blues”, packed on a couple extra pounds for warmth, braved temperatures in the teens and trudged through two light snowfalls, one of which was significant enough that we couldn’t get our car out of the garage.

And winter hasn’t even started yet.

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  • Linda

    We had record snowfall in the month of November here in Spokane–so I’ve done some major snowshoeing. I’ve also packed on a few extra pounds, and enjoyed every minute of it. Hopefully, they’ll come off obligingly in January. 😉

    • Erika Liodice

      You’re inspiring me to find ways to enjoy this cold, dark weather. I’m intrigued by snowshoeing. Will have to add it to my list of new things to try 😉

      Happy holidays!

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