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“Were socialized to believe that the path to success is to graduate from college, take an entry level position with an established company and work our way up the corporate ladder of the American dream. Our generation faces one small problem with this plan: that world does not exist anymore. It’s a fantasy to expect anyone or any company to provide a path to riches.”

This is an excerpt from Robert Tuchman’s article, Young, Fearless and Fed Up, which recently appeared on If you’ve got five minutes to spare and are in the mood for a jolt of inspiration, you should check it out. Tuchman, a successful entrepreneur who founded Tuchman Sports Enterprises (TSE) and wrote the book Young Guns, The Fearless Entrepreneurs Guide To Chasing Your Dreams and Breaking Out on Your Own, talks about combining your work with the things you love, the old American Dream and why it simply doesn’t work anymore, and the risks that young people can afford to take…even though they may not realize it.

To view the full article, click here:

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  • Chantal

    Thanks for sharing. Great article.

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