In Face Your Fears, Follow Your Dreams, Overcome Obstacles

**Spoiler alert! This post contains spoilers about the movie, Secretariat.**

You can’t see Secretariat without thinking about the incredible risk Penny Chenery took to give her ailing father’s horse the chance to do what he was born to do: run.

It would’ve been so easy for her to take the safe path and accept the $7 million she was offered for the horse, especially when you consider that her family’s farm and her own personal finances were on the brink of bankruptcy. The risk was more than most of us could stomach, but Penny believed in her horse and she bet everything on him. And, as history tells us, her bet paid off and Secretariat went on to become the first Triple Crown winner in a quarter of a century and one of the most remarkable racehorses of all time.

Like Penny, I believe that we each encounter these types of gambles in our lives. And I think that’s why following a dream can feel so difficult, because it usually involves a big risk, a giant step outside your comfort zone and an unfaltering belief in yourself.

But I also think that when we’re brave enough to listen to our hearts and accept the challenges presented to us, the impossible becomes possible.

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  • sikislist

    very instresting!!!

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