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Today I’m pleased to bring you an interview with self-proclaimed kvetcher (and fellow Writer Unboxed finalist), Amy Sue Nathan. Amy left the comforts of job security and her East Coast roots nearly two decades ago and is pursuing her writing dream, which, to date, has resulted in clips on,,, The Huffington Post, and more. Read on to hear about Amy’s fearless approach towards life and her dreams…

Q: Tell us about yourself. What’s your dream and how are you working towards it? 
ASN: My goal is to be a published, working novelist. I work toward that by publishing smaller essays, stories and columns, by learning and improving my craft and by really understanding the publishing industry.  I also connect with writers, authors and publishing professionals as often as possible.  Perhaps the key word here is “possible.”  I believe anything is possible.

Q: Describe a “gray” time in your life. How did it stand between you and your dreams? How did you overcome it? 
ASN: It was actually a busy and wonderful time when my kids were young and I didn’t do anything more creative than add peas to macaroni and cheese that I see as a “gray” time.  I didn’t realize what was missing until much later – when I then pursued writing with a vengeance.  It can be something good that distracts you from other good things — the key is recognizing there’s more out there and going to find it.

Q: What fears have you faced as you chase your dreams?
ASN: I don’t frighten easily – unless you want to stand me at the top of a bridge or out on a ledge. I don’t like heights. Other than that – bring it on.  The idea of failure doesn’t resonate with me…it simply means ‘go do something else’ or ‘this wasn’t right to begin with.’

Q: What inspires you to keep pushing forward when the going gets tough?
ASN: The only way you know you can do something is if you try.  And I mean TRY.  Exhaust all avenues. Turn things upside down.  If you don’t give it your all it means you didn’t — not — you couldn’t.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to someone else who is struggling to move beyond the gray and follow a dream, what would it be?
ASN: Take baby steps.  If you want to write a book, start by writing a scene.  If you want to play the ukulele, listen to ukulele music (my daughter did just that!). If you want to learn to cook, eat what you wish you could create.  Immerse yourself in what you want and it will most likely pick up momentum on its own and in no time, you’ll be running with it.

Her blogs are on hiatus but there’s lots of Amy Sue Nathan to read at, and

Are you someone who’s chasing a dream? If so, I’d love to hear from you!
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  • Weronika Janczuk

    I have a feeling that Amy will someday work as a full-time novelist. Dream chasers don’t let down too easily, do they?

    • Erika Liodice

      I have to agree with you, Weronika. Amy’s strong will and perseverance will undoubtedly land her on B&N’s bookshelves soon!

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